50 Watt Pro UV/LED Nail Lamp

Price: £69.99 Incl VAT


We have sourced a fantastic nail lamp with lots of key functions, removable base, light weight lamp, 3 time settings or leave on sensor mode
Super powerful Lamp ideal for salons and professionals
Power: 50W
Material: ABS
Timer: 30s, 60s,90s
LED Quantity: 28PCS
Rated Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Product Size: 210x190x120mm
1.Smart low heat mode relieves you from you pain when curing gels.
2. LED  UV nails, comfortable eye contact, relieve burning sensation.
3.Smart sensor, put the hand into the machine and it will automatically turn on or recover.
4.28pcs strategically placed LEDs, no dead-zone.
5.LED wavelength: 365-405nm for gel curing,660nm for physiotherapy Skin care
6.28 lamp beads synthesis, (24PCS 365nm+395nm double chips led 4PCS 660nm physiotherapy red chip led)dual LED light source, suitable for both hands and feet, meet different needs for customers
7.  Timer setting   30s,60s or 90s timer for different polish purpose
Energy-saving, environment protection and no harm to your body
8.Clear LCD display screen, displaying the time you have dried
9.Take the pocket size nail light while travelling and do nail art anytime
10.Ideal for any home or professional salon, even a best gift for friend
11.Keep On and Automatic sensor mode. When you use the Keep On mode, the lights are blue. When you use the auto sensor function, the light is red.